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Visit to hydro power plant mahammadpur

An Industrial visit of B.Tech EN (4 th year) & Diploma EN students (2 nd & 3 rd year) started from institute at 9:00 AM and Hydro Power Plant Mohammadpur at 11:00 AM. This Generating Station is built at the head works of the Upper Ganga Irrigation Canal it is 455 m long and sits at the head of a 23,000 km2 catchment area. The canal system is immense, consisting of 6,450 km of main canal and branches, providing irrigation for up to 2,023,000 ha. It was first commissioned in 1952 with 2.0 MW turbines, the power plant, which sits on the main canal, was increasingly in need of an overhaul of its turbines, generators, switch gear and control systems. Comprehensive and up-to-date turbine generator controller solution are installed for a new setup featuring three 3.4 MW Kaplan turbine generators and a 5.79 m design head. The whole generation & transmission process of power plant is controlled & supervised by SCADA System.