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  • Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth SPICMACAY is a voluntary youth endeavor to promote diversified aspects of Indian heritage.
  • To encourage Indian Classical Music, Classical Dance, Folk Music, Yoga Mediation
  • COERU became part of SPIC MACAY founded in 2004. Since then COERU team has been making efforts to promote the objective of SPIC MACAY by organizing various events at the COERU Campus.

Events Organized during the Session:

  • Mask-Making Competition
  • Poster-Making Competition
  • Nukkad Play
  • Performances by artists of international fame Lecture cum Demonstration
  • INTELLIGENSIA – A Quiz Competition
  • Kie Po Che – Kite Flying Competition



SAEINDIA@COERU has proved to be a promising platform for students who want to build their careers in the automotive industry. Currently, the club has 150 student members, and the strength is in accretion every day. Mr. Thomas Mathew (Asstt. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering) is the registered faculty coordinator of this club. The club members participate in various events and get immense placement opportunities.


Abhyudaya – The Literary Committee

This is the central idea and the main driving force behind Abhyudaya – The Literary Committee of the college, which it has successfully implemented and duly propagated among our young minds through all these years. One of the primary motives of this committee is to bring about general awareness in the COERians about everything that’s happening around them.

The events are:

  • War of Words
  • English Ability Test (EAT)
  • Group Discussion
  • Pixit
  • Colors of Satire – Vyang ke Rang
  • Novelophilia
  • India Awareness Quiz (AQ)
  • Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita

The Linguistic Committee aims to develop the Inter-Personal and Soft Skills of the students. It prepares students for different competitive exams and better placement. The committee is working under the able guidance of Dr. Rashmi Gupta(Assoc. Prof. and HoD of English Department) since 2005.

Following are the events:

  • Foreign Language Courses
  • TOPEL(Test of Proficiency in English Language )
  • Regular Language Based Activities
  • Expressions (The Annual Linguistic Fest)
  • IMAGRAM (Picture Perception Test)
  • CROSSFIRE (Debate)
  • THE BIG FIGHT (Group Discussion )
  • MOOT COURT (Parliamentary Debate)
  • The Critic (Movie Review)
  • Spellathon (Spelling Quiz)
TRAIC (Team Robotics and Innovation Club)

The Robotics and Innovation club was established (officially) in January 2010. The Titans, the team for Robocon from College of Engineering Roorkee was formed on 15 Sep, 2007, by a handful of budding first yearlings. At present the club is under the able guidance of Mr. Vishal Chauhan, convenor of the club.

Vision of TRAIC:

  • Founded in September 2010
  • Aim is to provide facilities to students for new innovation
  • To incorporate the thinking of engineers in a new way
  • To create robotics and research developments on the industry
  • To shape the capabilities of the upcoming generation
ECO CLUB The Friendly Club

VISION: Promoting the Student Community to be a part of solution not pollution.

“Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.” The club was formed with the aim of making the students aware of environmental issues and their duties towards the nature. Eco-club is a group of like-minded people and we focus on generating interest about resource conservation, sustainable development and other environmental issues among the student community.

The vision of Eco Club:

  • To encourage student community to be a part of the solution not pollution
  • To create awareness among students for the surrounding atmosphere
  • To enhance the environmental skills of students
  • To give a path to the students for a clean and pious environment


  • Artificial Bird Nests: Related to friendly environment
  • Dustbin Drive: For green
  • Ganga Cleaning Mission: In 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • Haritima : Annual Festival

NATURATHON: Marathon Event

CAPCE @COERU Association for Promotion of Civil Engineering

The aim of this society is to encourage students to achievement in civil engineering. The vision is to give exposure to students to do tremendous work in their related field.


  • CRIAR – This is an overnight on-spot event for designing and building structures with provided raw material.
  • CIVIONICS- This event is for making the hydraulic robot according to the problem statement with commonly available tools and equipment


The Annual Techno – Management Inter-College Fest

This fest aims to provide a welcome change from the treadmill of rote learning and above all fairly groom students to accept similar changes when they actually step into the world of professionalism.

Manthan embroils with itself a number of technical and management events to fulfill the aim it has marked. The various technical & management events can be categorized as:

  • GIGABIT : The C programming contest.
  • CODEX : The website and software building competition.
  • STRATAGEM : The business planning event.
  • BLITZKRIEG : The business mind extempore
  • KURUKSHETRA: The LAN gaming event.
  • PRAYOG : The model making.
  • KOUIZ : The quiz competition.
  • ROBOSYNC : The battleground of robots.
  • SHAURYA : The mock SSB
  • BRIDGEIT: Making a bridge with ice cream sticks.
  • SKYFALL : Designing a plane having the maximum time of flight.

ENGADGET : Product review event


Earn While You Learn (the Coding Club of COER University) encourages students to take up coding as their hobby and improve their skills for a better future.

List of projects under earn while you learn

  • COER App- Android Development (from Canada)
  • Pharmacy Website – Web Development (from Dubai)
  • COER Paramedical Website- Web Development
  • Earn While You Learn Website- Web Development
  • COER Music App – Android Development
  • Mpurse- Android Development (From Canada)
  • Digital Payment & e-commerce website

In today’s rapidly changing environment, programming skills are essential tools that can be utilized and incorporated into various heads and domains. Hence, it becomes absolutelv essential to equip young minds with such skills.

Some of the projects under Coding Geeks

  • Human Activity Recognition
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Home Automation using Leap Motion
  • AI Virtual Mouse

The GDC emphasizes  overall development in the field of game development, IoT. etc.
Some of the projects under Game Development Committee

  1. Voice Control Game
  2. Zombie Attack
  3. Block Run


  • The purpose of Ensemble is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management,
  • To help them to develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world.
  • To encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management.
  • To give an exposure to the students so that they will be able to maintain their future.

“Learn Today Earn Tomorrow”


  • Kuber club is a finance club which is the fountainhead of knowledge and new ideas in the field of Finance.
  • To be the fountainhead of knowledge and new ideas in the field of Finance.
  • To create awareness about financial planning.
  • To be a group of experts in the field of Finance and Financial activities.

“Green Leaf Club” is an organization of agricultural students who are dedicated to the development of agriculture in Uttarakhand.

  1. To create awareness among the farming community of Uttarakhand about the latest agricultural technology.
  2. To promote the professional interests of the students.
  3. To inculcate discipline and spirit of competitiveness among the members of the Club and take care of their general interests.
  4. To organize various literary, cultural and sports activities for the overall personality development of the members of the club.