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To develop a strong practical sense of personal growth and development, COER University has established relationships and collaborations with multiple national academic and industrial powerhouses.

We intend to be the driving force behind our students readying themselves to find a career path and a company that suits their personality, their interests and career goals. Additionally, we aim to show them what it is like to shoulder responsibility for a multinational corporation.

S.NO Name of the Academic Institute Date   Scope of MoU
1. IIT Roorkee 27-May-2022 Academic Partnership for collaborative research and learning, visiting student, visiting faculty
2. NITTTR Chandigarh 07-04-2022 Mentoring NBA related works
3. AIESEC in Delhi University 09-05-2022 Global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through international internships and volunteer opportunities
4. Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI) Roorkee 12 April 2021 Academic exchange, collaborative research, high skilled manpower for civil engineering graduates


For our students to become truly career-ready, it is crucial that they gain first-hand experience through industry-affiliated talks, conferences and seminars. Through established relationships and collaborations with multiple national and international powerhouses, we give our students an insight into what it means to be a well-rounded and adaptable professional who is ever-ready to face the challenges brought on by the society and evolving technology. We intend to give our students clarity on career paths and help them find a company that aligns with their aptitude, interests and career goals.

Sr No Name of the Industry Signed on Scope
1. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd 03 June 2022 Self Managed Team (SMT) Leaders program for their  employees
2. upGrad Campus, India 13 April, 2022 Jointly conducting teaching in Cyber security, MI and DL, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing
3. Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO) 30 Nov. 2021 Internships, collaborative research, joint guidance of projects
4. INTEL-COER Institutions 09 September 2021 Innovation and collaborative learning
5. NIIT-COER Institutions 14 September 2021 Authorized partner of CISCO Networking Academy to implement NetAcad Programs in their campus
S.No. Name of Company MoU Signing date Others
1. SIDCUL Manufacturing Association of Uttarakhand (SMAU) 9 – Dec – 22 Industrial Visits, Internships, Projects and Incubation Centre.