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College of Smart Computing

  1. Implementation of Brain Computer interfacing in Deep Learning
  2. Sign Language Recognition with Machine Learning
  3. Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
  4. E-Khoz
  5. Social Media Mining
  6. QR Code Generation
  7. Real Time Face Detection System
  8. E-commerce Website
  9. College Enquiry Chatbot
  10. Online Trading
  11. Sentiment Analysis for Movies Review

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College of Engineering

Vertical Car Parking

In a vertical parking system, cars are vertically stacked using an electrical control system. This means a greater number of cars can be accommodated in the same amount of space. The area thus saved can be then utilized for other productive uses.

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Performance analysis of double pass solar air heater with various geometries
Amir Alam, Anshit Verma, Ashish
Manufacturing of hybrid vehicle
Chirag verma, Deepak sharma,

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MPPT Based Solar Tree Using IOT
A solar tree is structure or artwork digging photovoltaic technology on a single pillar, like a tree structure. each panel an inclination angle of 22.5º towards south-east direction then a MPPT solar hybrid inverter is used to yield the maximum solar energy which will be stored in the fast-charging solar battery.

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College of Smart Agriculture

Faculty Research Project:

  1. 1Title: Fabrication and Exploration of Low Budget Propagator House for Cultivation.

Project Applied: USERC
Status:    Presentation has been done result awaited 
Duration : 03 year
Total Estimated Budget : 10,06,700/- (Rupees Ten Lacs Six Thousand Seven Hundred Only)

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College of Business Studies

SN Topic NGO Name
1 Implementation of motivation factors in children’s life at Azim Premji Foundation in building the future of society Azim Premji Foundation (Children welfare)
Ph No.: 7454967330
Introduction prepared, visited NGO
2 Study of behavioural and emotional problem faced by orphan children staying at Vatsalya Vatika Vatsalya Vatika
(Orphanage, child welfare programme for building there bright future)
Ph No: 7947108633
Introduction prepared, Visited NGO

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College of Pharmacy

College of Nursing

College of Paramedical Sciences