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The Centre For Continuing Education


The Centre for Continuing Education envisions to fulfil the needs of students, professionals and communities of all ages and backgrounds for a lifelong learning through short-term courses (STCs) tailored to upgrade knowledge and sharpening of skill sets, without enrolling in a regular degree awarding program.


To empower undergraduate/postgraduate students and professionals through innovative teaching, practical experience, and applied research from eminent experts


  • To provide quality, value-added, solutions-based programs to meet the needs of working professionals looking to balance work and life commitment
  • To provide opportunities to individuals to update their knowledge and skills through modular courses which may be as small a duration as two hours, for example, on skill development IT devices
  • To empower individuals, organizations, and communities to enhance careers
  • To empower defence personal for a second career post retirement through modular courses on Business Management of 2/12/24 weeks duration
  • To disseminate expert knowledge in emerging areas of higher education.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is for all – in service professionals, students, entrepreneurs and casual learners and offers certificate courses, professional courses and training programs for enhancing skills and knowledge. CCE also aims to enhance professional and technical skills while addressing the needs for personal development.

CCE refers to various activities through which provide educational programs and services to those not enrolled in on-campus or online study. CCE offers a variety of standard certificate programs and internship program. The course contents are regularly upgraded on the basis of feedback from the faculty and the participants.

The CCE will offer Certification Courses in Data Science, Management, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Creative Arts and other areas, as per the requirement of learners. Certificate Courses in Continuing Education enhance the knowledge and skills of learners and employees in different sectors, helping them stay abreast with the latest developments and enhancement of their professional and vocational skills.

Undergraduate, postgraduate students, faculty members of educational institutes and industry working professionals or anyone wishing to enrol for learning can apply for the certification courses.


Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) offers following types of the certificate courses:

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Tailor-made Courses

Tailor-made courses are based on a specific requirement of a group or industry. CCE has the facility for working officers/executives/professionals to join in the weekend or evening programs so that they can participate without loss of their normal work. The courses are delivered by eminent experts.

Internship Program

Centre for Continuing Education is providing an internship program that is based on PBL and hands-on-practice. Internships allow students to get exposure to new technologies and practices which immensely help them later in their career.

Impact of Internship:

Internship programs have an enhancing impact on the professional development, professional skills, personal growth and capabilities of the students

Internship Program consists the following steps:

  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Experimental investigations

E-learning Programs

E-learning programs in higher education are a great way to improve the knowledge base – they add something special to your résumé and are not only a great talking point in the interview, but also a great way to spend your free time. E-learning programs are the future of education. After registration in the E-learning program, CCE will provide username and password for the online portal and life membership of the university library. 

During the program, the Centre for Continuing Education provides to students the following resources:

  • E-Books
  • Videos
  • Recorded Lectures and other learning material
  • Quizzes
  • In-person discussion sessions


The Centre for Continuing Education has facilities to offer STCs on topics given below and can design other STCs, not covered below, as per requirement:

Title of Courses
Certificate Course for School of Computing
1 English for Career Development 1 Week
2 Know Windows 10through lecture-cum practice session 2 Hours
3 Introduction to Computer & MS Office Suite 1 Week
4 Principles of Secure coding 1 week
5 HTML5 programming from scratch to website 4 weeks
6 Introduction to programming with C 4 weeks
7 Introduction to programming with C++ 4 weeks
8 Introduction to PHP programming 4 weeks
9 Introduction to programming with Java 4 weeks
10 Introduction to Computer Science Algorithms (recursion, backtracking and dynamic programming) using Python 4 weeks
11 Internet History, Technology, and Security 1 Week
12 Cryptography 1 Week
13 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies 1 Week
14 Computer Architecture 2 Week
15 Basics of Web Development & Coding 4 Week
16 Machine Learning using Python 2 Week
17 Deep Learning and its Applications 2 Week
18 Fundamentals of MATLAB 1 Week
19 MATLAB for Engineering Applications 1 Week
20 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 1 Week
21 Core Java With Android 1 Week
22 Data Science with R Programming 2 Week
23 Cyber Security 2 Week
24 Cyber Vulnerabilities and Safeguards 1 Week
25 Big Data & Hadoop 2 Week
26 Cloud Computing 2 Week
27 Introduction of Internet of Things (IOT) 1 Week
28 Digital Marketing 2 Week
29 High-Performance Computing and Data Science 4-Weeks
30 Basics of Machine Learning 1-Weeks
31 Probability Foundations for Machine Learning 2 Weeks
32 Basics of Data Analytics 1-Weeks
33 Mathematical Foundations for Machine Learning 2-Weeks
34 Machine Learning: Theory and Practice 2-Weeks
35 Cyber Threats and Security Measures 1-Weeks
36 Graphic Designing using open source tools 1-Weeks
37 Embedded Systems and IoT Sensors Applications 4-Weeks
38 Linux Fundamentals and Networking 4-Weeks
39 Android Development Application 4 Weeks
40 PLC Programming and Application 8 Weeks
41 Automation Training 8 Weeks
42 Start-up Tools 1-Weeks
43 Developing Employable Skills 1-Weeks
44 Introduction to SQL programming 6 Weeks
45 Introduction to Computer Vision and Image processing 6 Weeks
46 Computer Programming in Python 3&JavaScript (Advanced Course) 12 Weeks
47 Object Oriented with Python 3 Programming (Advanced Course) 12 Weeks
48 Digital Content Management 1 Week
49 Data Governance 1 Week
Certificate Course for Agriculture
50 Scientific beekeeping and honey production 2 Weeks
51 Future aspects in sustainable agriculture 2 Weeks
52 Scientific Mushroom Cultivation 2 Weeks
53 1. Agriculture waste management technology 2 Weeks
54 How to New Paths to Success with Drip Irrigation Technology 1 Week
55 Modern Cultivation of Pigeon pea (Tur) 1 Week
56 Increase Economic Benefits by Cultivating Maize 1 Week
57 Scientific Cultivation of Moong bean 1 Week
Certificate Course for Management Studies
58 Operations Management 6 Weeks
59 People Management 6 Weeks
60 Corporate Finance 6 Weeks
61 Strategic Management 6 Weeks
62 Marketing Management 6 Weeks
63 Accounting for Decision Making 6 Weeks
64 Business English: Management and Leadership 2 Weeks
65 Conflict and Stress Management 2 Weeks
66 Customer Relationship Management 4 Weeks
67 Marketing Essentials 6 Weeks
68 Brand Management 6 Weeks
69 Statistics for Business – I 4 Weeks
70 New Product Development 2 Weeks
71 Intellectual Property Rights: A Management Perspective 2 Weeks
72 Consumer Behavior 6 Weeks
73 Introduction to Investments 5 Weeks
74 Economic Foundations of Pricing 6 Weeks
75 Introduction to Managerial Economics 1 Week
Certificate Course for Creative Arts and Design
76 Safeguarding and Reviving cultural Industries in Uttarakhand 1 Week
77 Design Jam -1 1 Week
78 Dharohar – A Workshop on Craft and Skill Development for Sustainable Design 1 Week
79 Recent Trends in Application of Art in Architecture 1 Week
80 Creative Art and Design 1 Week
81 Product Design and Development 1 Week
82 Contemporary Trends in Interior Designs 1 Week
83 Environment- Friendly Civil Engineering Design 1 Week
84 Friendly Civil Engineering Design 1 Week
85 Form, Colour and Graphics in Product Design 1 Week
86 Emerging Trends in Colour Application to Buildings 1 Week
87 Safeguarding and Reviving cultural Industries in Uttarakhand 1 Week
Certificate Course for Defense Personal for a Second Career
88 Business Management 24 Weeks
89 Course in International Business Management 24 Weeks
90 Global Supply Chain Management 12 Weeks
91 Retail Entrepreneurs 12 Weeks
92 Disaster & Safety Management 12 Weeks
93 Sales Management 12 Weeks
94 Financial Accounting System 12 Weeks
95 Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Electronics 12 Weeks
96 Small Business/ Rural Entrepreneurship 16 Weeks
97 Cyber Security 12 Weeks
98 Web Developer 12 Weeks
99 Computer Applications and Accounting Management 8 Weeks
100 Front Office Executive 2 Weeks