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Field Visit to ITC Ltd. Haridwar

An Industrial visit of EN & ET students (2 nd and 4 th year) started from institute at 10:30 AM and reached ITC, Ltd Haridwar at 11:00 AM. In ITC ,The HR team Members presented a presentation of ITC plant explaining about ITC infrastructure , product line and its various department. After that they took all students to ITC’s noodle production line where they explained about various section of production line . They explained about the use of automation and its role from start to end of whole stage 1 they explained about
RS dough Feeder whose capacity is about 25o KG of dough making . here with the help of suction system all raw material required for making dough is poured all controlled by SCADA screen. After that in stage 2 steamer and seasoning section noodles are prepared from dough. In Stage-3 stretch conveyer section & molding section noodles cakes are made. Then after that it is send to packaging section for final dispatch. In whole process the extensive use of automation is seen clearly with PLC & SCADA is playing important role in production process.