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Dr. Brij Mohan Singh

  • Graduated in Computer Science & Engineering Discipline from College of Engineering Roorkee (COER), Roorkee.
  • M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering Discipline . 
  • PhD from Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.
  • Published more than 35 research papers in International Journals.
  • Published 22 Research papers in reputed International and National Conferences.
  • Granted 7 patents.
  • Guided 8 PhD Thesis of UTU Dehradun.
  • 18 years of Teaching Experience.
  • Achieved the Youngest Dean Award by GECL in 2018


 “COER University is bound together by a deep-rooted sense of community and shared purpose. Our commitment to excellence in education, learning and research is uncompromising. My student days at COER offered me the precious opportunity to challenge and deepen my knowledge. They also provided the space and the time to broaden my intellectual horizons. Today COER University continues to reach outwards, welcoming an ever more diverse group of students who have the desire and ability to learn and produce new insights that shift and deepen our understanding of the world around us.”


COER University emphasizes learning, creativity, innovation and collaboration with Engineering, Computing, Management, Agriculture, Medical and Paramedical Sciences. Students’ experiences inside and outside the classroom simultaneously prepare them for meaningful lives and careers, broaden their outlook, and help shape their character.”