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Paramedical Labs

1. Anatomy and Physiology Lab :
Our Anatomy and Physiology Lab is well equipped with compound microscope with histological slides, models , 3D charts, specimens, manikins. It has two skeletons, and all other loose bones. The students are encouraged to use our Anatomy Lab to learn Anatomy of bones and joints and other systems also Endeavour hands on experience to the students.

2. Computer lab:
Computer Lab at Paramedical college provides a learning atmosphere to the students so that they can acquaint themselves with the computer applications and skills. The lab is , fully air conditioned and equipped with 10 fully functional PC's with WI-FI and printer facilities.It has fast internet connection. It is well ventilated with high configuration computers are available for training and practice purpose.

3. Microbiology lab:
Our Microbiology laboratory is devoted to the culturing, examination, and identification of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. The microbiology laboratory has a crucial role in effective infection prevention and control (IPC). The lab provides deep knowledge of an infective microorganisms which is
helpful in investigating its source and mode of transmission. The Department of Microbiology lab is well equipped with various instruments such as Microscope , Laminar Air Flow, Incubator, Colony counter, centrifuge etc, for students learning purposes.

4. Pathology lab:
Our laboratory is equipped to learn students about automation (Five part cell counter with reticulocyte count, Automated Capillary Zone Electrophoresis), Flow-cytometer, Urinometer, Haemoglobinometer and Haemocytometer. The Pathology laboratory for medical practice and science concerned with the study,
investigation, diagnosis of communicable diseases and therapeutic monitoring of disorders of blood.

5. Biochemistry lab:
Our Biochemistry lab have various equipments like Spectrophotometer ,Colorimeter, flame photometer, Microscope, Chromatographs, Electrophoresis equipments. The students can be used theseequipments for performing various tests like enzyme reactions, genetic diseases, molecular interactions in the laboratory.

6. X-Ray lab :
The X-Ray department in COER Hospital gives a chance for practical exposure to the students along with theoretical exposure. Medical lab technicians play a crucial role in the functioning of any medical activity

7. Exercise therapy lab:The exercise demonstration lab in the Department of Physiotherapy is equip


ped with various exercise therapy equipment. Equipment is used to demonstrate various techniques of exercise therapy. The students learn techniques of exercise therapy which they apply on patients during their treatment.

8. The Electrotherapy demonstration lab:

The Electrotherapy demonstration lab in the Department of Physiotherapy is equipped with various electrotherapy modalities. Modalities are used to demonstrate various techniques of electrotherapy. The students learn various skills of treatment which they will use while treating the patient.

9. Rehabilitation lab :

The rehalibitation lab in the department of physiotherapy is well equipped with Knee, hip , paralyses patients related equipments.