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The lab accommodates students by providing scheduled times for both skill practice and patient-specific preparation in all the specialties. The lab contains advanced simulators and equipment pertaining to all nursing departments. The lab is also provided with WI-FI connectivity. The instructors are there to assist students on a one-to-one basis, as they work through the skills or procedures using different learning media such as reading, videos, and computerized interactive tools. The Lab has an abundance of resources and equipment to enhance both student teaching and learning. Clinical skills are not just about the procedural steps. They are developed from a strong knowledge base, a review of relevant references, rehearsal and practice as well as repeated performance and debriefing by teaching staff.

  • Pre-Clinical Science Lab/ Anatomy Lab

The pre clinical science laboratory is designed with the purpose of helping the students to acquire knowledge of the normal structure and function of various human body systems and to identify any deviation from normal health in order to render effective nursing care. The aim of the laboratory is to educate the students to understand the normal body parts with use of models; specimens etc. and to co relate its function. This will enhance the student’s ability to understand the various disease conditions. The pre clinical science lab consist of all the equipment such as adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvic, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different section, ear with different section, full set of dis articulated adult human skeleton, specimen like face, small and large intestine, skin, heart, liver and different charts of all the systems.


Fundamental of Nursing Lab is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in technique of nursing practice.  The 1600sqft spacious lab is well equipped with patient simulators, CPR mannequins, life form hand simulator etc. The mannequins with movable limbs and replaceable parts are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions such as- Hand washing methods, Bed making, positioning, injections, intravenous catheters, nasogastric tubes, Foleys catheters, wound care, hair care, vital signs monitoring, various specimen collection, oxygenation therapy, CPR etc. 

  • Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Lab is equipped & well furnished with utensils & nutritional charts. It is well ventilated, lighting & adequate water facilities. The students can assess the nutritional needs, caloric requirement of different age groups and during various disease conditions.

  • Community Health Nursing Laboratory

The Community Health Nursing department  laboratory is well air-conditioned with adequate floor space. The laboratory is equipped with sufficient equipments like community bags, IEC items and models. The department actively participates in all national health programmes implemented by Government of India and State government. The field training is imparted in both rural and urban areas..The department is committed to improve health status of the community through educating and providing services to the people such as Mass health awareness programme, health camps, Screening, surveillance, Epidemic control measures, risk management services etc.


Provision of nursing care to mother and child is an important nursing responsibility for which students are trained during their training. MCH Lab provides a learning atmosphere to the students for developing skills before performing procedures in the hospital. MCH Lab is divided into two sections

 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Section and Pediatric Section.

Obstetrical lab provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop the skills essential to  midwifery practice within a supportive environment. Students are trained in laboratory under the supervision of faculty members to provide them with sufficient experience in dealing with women during the different stages of pregnancy, child birth and during post natal period. It is equipped with various models, dummies, bones, charts, instruments, equipments and mannequins of normal birth process and procedures.

Pediatric Lab  provides nursing students with an additional learning resource to meet their educational goals. The lab is equipped with supplies and equipments, including Pediatric and CPR mannequin. The lab provides students with a realistic, stimulated clinical environment to practice and demonstrate competency of selected nursing skills.

Clinical training in pediatric lab equips students with essential knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide accurate, safe and comprehensive nursing care for normal child.


Computer Lab at nursing college provides a learning atmosphere to the students so that they can acquaint themselves with the computer applications and skills. The lab is , fully air conditioned and equipped with 10 fully functional PC’s with WI-FI and printer facilities. Computer Lab runs efficiently under the supervision of Computer Instructor, who teaches the student regarding various computer applications and health management information system (HMIS). One section of the lab is designated for placing Audio Visual equipment like LCD Projectors, Film strip projector, LED, OHP etc.