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Electrical And Electronics Department Project

MPPT Based Solar Tree Using IOT
A solar tree is structure or artwork digging photovoltaic technology on a single pillar, like a tree structure. each panel an inclination angle of 22.5º towards south-east direction then a MPPT solar hybrid inverter is used to yield the maximum solar energy which will be stored in the fast-charging solar battery.

CNC Mini plotter machine:
Mini CNC plotter machine is described as it is based on Arduino controller and CNC shield. CNC is computer numerical control machine. G codes are preparatory Function. G codes are pre-defining Function Associated with the movement on machine axes. In CNC Plotter Machine only G codes are used. G codes are giving the Direction to move the pen in X, Y, Z directions.

Solar tracker for maximum  power generation
Solar Trackers are used to keep solar collectors/solar panels oriented directly towards the sun as it moves through the sky every day.Solar Trackers can increase the output of Solar Panels by 20-30% which improves the economics of the solar panel project.

Women Saftey Device With GPS Tracking And Aletrs “Suraksha”
Women safety is very important issue due to rising crime against women these days.To help resolve this issue, a GPS based women safety system is proposed that has dual security features.This device consists of a system that ensures dual alerts in case a women is harassed or she thinks she is in trouble.

An Active Cooling System for Photovoltaic Modules
In this project an apparatus called coolant recycling system, which is made onto the pre-manufactured solar panel taken. The internal temperature of solar panel affects the overall output energy, as when the temperature increases, output energy of the solar panel decreases. To tackle this problem, the coolant recycling system is designed to absorb heat from the solar panel, allowing it to remain at low temperatures and produce maximum amount of energy

Smart Blind Sticks
The Smart Blind Stick scans the path in front of it with the help of an  Ultrasonic sensor.

Whenever the sensor detects any object in its path the buzzer starts beeping and also at the same time the LED turns on.The blind person can hear the beeping of the buzzer and manage to change the way. In this way, the person can easily find his way without getting injured.

Smart home automation

Now considering room scenario, an Arduino UNO will control devices and reads sensor data. The figure “Room Architecture” depicts how the Arduino UNO will connects with the devices and sensors. Room have multiple controllable devices(i.e. Light(s), Fan, Wall Socket(s), etc.), one PassiveIR (to detect human presence in the room), one temperature sensor (LM35 to collect room temperature) and LDR (to detect light intensity near room window)