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Do-It-Yourself Labs

To make students industry ready, UETR focuses on a Project-Based Learning (PBL) concept. PBL is an innovative method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world technical and non-technical problems and provide solutions. This strategy of learning enhances industrial technical skills and we motivate each student to implement at least one project in each year.

In view of this, UETR established a DIY Laboratory to inculcate an innovative spirit among the Undergraduate and Post Graduate students through the concept of Do-It-Yourself. This lab was inaugurated on Nov 3rd , 2017 by the Honourable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat and Honourable Chairman, Er. Shri J.C Jain.

This lab acts as a playground for the manifestation of ideas, where instruments, tools and consumables can be accessed in all engineering domains, free of cost (no limit of funds on research and development of innovative projects).

Mentoring and Technical Support

UETR provides Mentoring and Technical Support to each student at project implementation. Our faculty members are trained in all emerging areas of Engineering & Management due to which they provide unique background to induce innovations in each project. We allot one mentor to each group for providing basic knowledge of the selected domain and topics. Along with that, it also provides technical staffs who help in implementations, including various innovative labs (such as Automation, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, PLC, Parallel Processing/ High Computing, Space and Rocket, Networking, Computer Hardware, IoT etc.) for learning of related emerging technologies.

Apart from Mentors, Students are supported by senior students of various technical clubs (TRIAC, SAE, AREO, EEE MANIAC etc.) who share their ideas and helps in Design and Implementation of their projects.

Enrolment Procedure:

  • 1. Selection of domain by the student/ team with the help of department coordinator
  • 2. Presentation of project proposal to DIY Committee Members
  • 3. After selection, mentors are allotted
  • 4. Detailed project requirement submission to DIY Admin
  • 5. After approval, all components and tools are provided

Suggested Domains:

  • Mechanical
    1. Automobile
    2. Aviation
    3. Automation
    4. Refrigeration
    5. IoT-based engines
    6. Light weight engines/cars/automobile
    7. Drone, chopper, aeroplane
  • Agriculture
    1. Agriculture drone
    2. Farming system
    3. Smart irrigation
    4. Smart farming
    5. Roof farming
    6. Greenhouse effect study
  • Electronic
    1. Robotics
      • Military bots
      • Medical bots
      • Industrial bots
    2. Embedded
    3. Advanced robotics
  • Civil
    1. Disaster management system
    2. New modelling
    3. Architecture
    4. Smart building solution
    5. Earthquake resistant building
    6. Building health monitoring
  • Electrical
    1. Renewable Energy
      • Solar
      • Wind
      • Hydro
    2. Micro gird
    3. Smart grid
    4. IoT based Machine operation
    5. Smart homes
    6. E-kart
  • Computer science/Information technology/MCA/MBA
    1. Website designing
    2. Website development
    3. App Development
    4. App designing