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The M.Tech program in Structural Engineering is a postgraduate course focused on the analysis and design of different types of structures, including bridges, buildings, and dams. The program provides advanced education in the principles and methods used to understand how structures behave under different conditions and loads.This program equips students with an extensive comprehension of the fundamental principles of structural engineering and their practical application through hands-on project work, laboratory experiments, and site visits.

Upon graduation from an M.Tech program in Structural Engineering, individuals have numerous employment opportunities in various sectors, including the construction industries, civil engineering firms, government agencies, research organizations, and consulting firms. They can pursue careers as structural engineers, design engineers, research scientists, project managers, and consultants.

Eligibility Criteria 


Candidates who wish to pursue an M.Tech program in Structural Engineering should hold a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a related field from a recognized university. Additionally, they should have obtained a valid score in GATE or other appropriate entrance exams.

M.Tech program in Structural Engineering is a two-year program




PEO 1 : Graduates will be able to develop into proficient resources in the advanced aspects of engineering & technology with analytical and quantitative reasoning and design abilities.

PEO 2 : Graduates will be capable of applying the skills to formulate, analyze and solve the societal problems of sustainable development related to their specialization along with maintaining professional integrity and ethics

PEO 3 : Graduates will be able to grow personally and professionally in their careers through the continued development of analytical, technical, and managerial skills.

PEO 4 :  Graduates will excel as entrepreneurs through continuous enhancement of communication skills, professional networking, and life-long learning.

PEO 5 : Graduates will be prepared to assume higher roles and responsibilities at national and international levels to imprint their presence for the larger good of society.

PSO 1 : Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles, effectively manage structural engineering projects and in multidisciplinary environments considering economic and financial factors.

PSO 2 :  Create, select, learn, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools such as CAD, FEM, and mathematical modeling to design smart, sustainable, and resilient structures.

PSO 3 : Analyze complex structural engineering problems and apply independent judgment for synthesizing information to conduct intellectual research in a wider, theoretical, practical, and codal context.

PSO 4 : Communicate effectively and confidently on complex structural engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large.

PSO 5 : Ability to accomplish and write efficient reports and design documentation by adhering to appropriate codes, making effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions for advanced research.

  2. CSI SAP2000
  3. Tekla Structural Designer