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Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)


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Our main objective while designing this course was the career and the future prospects of an illustrious finance professional. Having polished it through continued input from industry professionals and professors, the curriculum of our B.Com course with various specialization  has been prepared while keeping the current trends and the potential demand for financial professionals in mind.

We always put our first foot forward and empower our students to do so as well, teaching them the basics of everything ranging from accounting, economics and mathematics to finance, taxation, business skills and management.


Three Years or 6 Semester

Eligibility Criteria

50% marks in 12th Standard
Valid Test Score of UETR Entrance test, GD &PI



PEO1: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce results in giving comprehensive knowledge of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business and Corporate Law, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Tax and several other branches of Commerce that includes Investment, Insurance, and Banking.

PEO2: This programme helps students in building a concrete footing for advanced studies in Commerce and to stand with the requirement of business sector, insurance, banking seeking youth fit for employment.

PEO3: Commerce itself is an interdisciplinary subject, therefore, the core courses have been selected considering the need for studying Commerce as a separate discipline and the required theoretical knowledge and practical exposure.

PEO4: Students undergoing this programme will be equipped to the world of work, particularly, work of the future. The student will get a first-hand exposure of working in the real world.

PSO1: Learners will gain knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, and finance, auditing and marketing. which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills and to react aptly when confronted with critical decision making.

PSO2: Develops Communication Skills, Interpersonal and Soft Skills, to enable them to interact in a more constructive and productive manner.

PSO3: Develop IT knowledge for business processes and analysing the applicability of commerce and accounting principles in solving complex business problems.

PSO4: Equip with entrepreneurial skills, whether to develop own business idea from concept to reality or learn to manage an innovative business in today’s environment.