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Student Stories (Success Story)

  1. My name is Jatin Kumar and I am pursuing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from UETR (University of Engineering and Technology). I am a very nervous and impatient boy from starting of my schools days, I never talk to someone feeling  shy and hesitate to talk to someone even I cannot talk to our Teachers also , I think that’s why I am not able to make friends and create relationship with teachers in school days. But when I started to go in college I meet so many new peoples and friends but due to my shyness I am not able to talk to someone. But One day the faculty of our College gave a lecture on the topic “How to build confidence to speak others” and that lecture changes my entire life. I am so motivated from that lecture so I started following the points that are illustrate by madam, here I am a boy who speaks easily with anyone and confidence to face any difficulty in my life. I am very thankful to my college and especially that faculty who bring change in my life.
  2. She is Prabjot Kaur. She was a student of mathematics. She did her bachelor’s with PCM. At the age of 19, she lost her father because of serious disease. At that time she was very much in shock and not in the condition to move further in studies. But with a strong will of power she decided to go for MCA. At earlier she was an average student but after this mishappening and with a passion to do something in life she scored 83.7%. And achieve a victory now she is a good performer with enthusiasm and positive thinking but the journey will continue.
  3. He is Ritik Kumar Singh. He was always been a average student. When he went to Lucknow for his bachelor at that time, he learns so many things about life. He experienced so many things he faced difficulties but never give up himself he showed as a good performer talking about his academic he had improved himself in grades also from being an average student to getting 75% in his masters. It’s always been a tough journey. He improved his technical skills as well as communication skill and academics at the same time. He learned all the realities of life with a positive thinking he understands that after a thousand of failures in life a success can be achieved…
  4. He is Mayur Pathak. He belongs to economical weaker family earlier when he completed his BSC He was an average student. After that he faces so many struggles in his life. Physical disease and that time was not in the condition to move forward. But after sometime he decided and took admission in MCA after joining the university, he felt so many changes regarding his education University has provided so many opportunities to cover up the drawbacks and for the improvement of the skills well, technically, as well as in communication. He was not good in programming, but when he attended the class of the Reynold officers what he learned, and now he is able to perform any program so after so many struggle and difficulties, Mayur has achieved placement in a good company with a great package. Now he can say that he is a Machi was winner. The journey continues.
  5. I am Isha Babbar, a student from BCA 2nd year UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ROORKEE. I did not think that I would be able to do programming as good because I studied science before choosing this field was a too difficult step for me, my family also put obligations on me because I was an average student but then the college taught me the strategies in class which were very helpful to me in order to be a well schedule and appropriate programmer. Only with the support and help of the faculty I myself started improving and enjoying this. I am really thankful to my university for making me believe that and everything student can also be a successful programmer.
  6. This is Anas Raza, a student of B.C.A 2nd year from UETR. My journey to become successful student of programming from this university. They taught me that, “The focus must be on the way that leads to success, not on success for itself” I took my step with the guidelines of university Mentors and faculties. As they guided me, I kept on moving forward and achieving triumph. Their lectures are never gone waste and always make some positive points about life. The college system supports a lot and encourage students to ask questions as well and never make them feel that they are incompetent for asking it. University provided me internships, which helped me a lot in improving my skills of computer programming as well as computer software, app development, game development & networking. They played a vital role in be better off at my attitude, intellectual skills, consciousness and all achievements. I’m very thankful of the university to make me a successful and appropriate student.
  7. Saiyam Tuteja BCA 2nd year . It was the covid time and I lost my mother. She was the principal of the school. I had been a broken and lost soul for a long time. After I got admission to UETR I saw the opportunities, the staff and faculty of this organization helped me thoroughly to heal my wound.  Keeping alive my mother in my heart and by the grace of our respected professors, I became the topper of the University from a usual student. The environment enhanced my performance and ability to learn and grow. And, now I’m certified in several technical and managerial attributes affiliated with GOOGLE and Microsoft. Thanks to UETR.
  8. Yash Kukreti BCA 2nd year Despite being rejected by Delhi University even after scoring 90% in intermediate, UETR provided me every opportunity I hoped and wished for to polish and glow my skills. Besides keeping myself in the rows of toppers I’m an active participant in the different co-curricular activities and academic events like OORJA and the Linguistic committee. The major factor of staying here is because of some awesome and brilliant faculties here, especially Ravi Poswal. Without their guidance, I won’t be as confident as I’m right now. Thanks to UETR.
  9. Kartik Sharma BCA 2nd year Covid did a great loss to us, especially pulling us away from studying. It was the COVID-19 time when our exams were held online and I got 68%. Literally, that was the lowest score that I got in my entire life. I was on the edge of frustration and decided to take action for my future. But Covid transformed me into an aimless and lethargic guy. I tried but I failed and when the college opened and we interacted with faculties directly that was a game-changer mode for me. The University has its own charm to provide everything to grow your personality. I became so active that I scored a 9.1 CGPA in the very next semester. Now I’m nearer to my goal. Thanks to COER.