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College of Smart Computing Projects

  1. Implementation of Brain Computer interfacing in Deep Learning
  2. Sign Language Recognition with Machine Learning
  3. Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
  4. E-Khoz
  5. Social Media Mining
  6. QR Code Generation
  7. Real Time Face Detection System
  8. E-commerce Website
  9. College Enquiry Chatbot
  10. Online Trading
  11. Sentiment Analysis for Movies Review
  12. Human Activity Recognition in RGBD using Deep Learning
  13. People Counting in Still Image
  14. Typing Tutor
  15. Fitness Blender Web Application
  16. Stock Price Prediction using Machine learning
  17. Real-Time Face Mask Detector
  18. Handwritten Digit Recognition using Python
  19. Automated Payroll with GPS Tracking and Image Capture
  20. Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining
  21. Music Recommendation System Project
  22. Bug Tracker System
  23. ENC cloud storage
  24. Online Auction System
  25. Soil quality detection using Artificial Intelligence
  26. Cancer detection using Machine Learning
  27. Fake news detection system
  28. Roadways bus tracking system