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Civil Department Project

Vertical Car Parking

In a vertical parking system, cars are vertically stacked using an electrical control system. This means a greater number of cars can be accommodated in the same amount of space. The area thus saved can be then utilized for other productive uses.

Small Scale Hydro Power Plant

Small Scale Hydro Power is an important energy source with multiple advantages over other forms of renewable energy, and if designed and installed correctly, has very few environmental risks.

Earthquake Resistance Building

One way to make a simple structure more resistant to these lateral forces is to tie the walls, floor, roof, and foundations into a rigid box that holds together when shaken by a quake. The most dangerous building construction, from an earthquake point of view, is unreinforced brick or concrete block.

Plastic Aggregates for Construction

 Plastic needs no introduction as it is the widely used material now a days on our Earth. Due to its properties like strength, durability and easy processing it can be used for many purposes. As decomposition of plastic is a serious problem as it takes very long time and adversely affection the environment in many ways. So it can be used in construction, where we need life of structure to be improved and use of waste plastic after small processing can help us to reduce the waste in the environment which is new motto of civil engineering.

Polystrrene Beads Concrete

The Expanded polystyrene beads are the material which substitutes in the place of coarse aggregate. The main objective of this investigation is to find a concrete mix proportion which gives better results than the Burnt Brick

Plastic Bottle Bricks

Bottle Bricks are a simple and accessible technology that can transform everyday plastic materials into a useful building material – plastic bottles stuffed full of trash until they are as compact as bricks. Bottle Bricks are known widely as “EcoBricks”.

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete

Using bamboo in place of steel for reinforcement, is an excellent choice for reinforcement in concrete because of its higher strength as compared to steel by weight, the tensile strength Bamboo’s tensile strength is roughly 28,000 per square inch versus steel’s 23,000

Sustainable Building Having Low Cost And Zero Waste Energy

 In our model, we have made an effort to use sustainable materials and sustainable techniques that reduce waste, conserve non- renewable resources, and foster a healthy, productive environment. As sustainable building materials, Strawbales and Timbercrete are employed. Straw bales are utilised as a soundproofing material and have good insulating qualities. As they cannot allow air through, it is also used as fill material between columns and in beam structure. Additionally, it has some

fire-resistance qualities and helps to keep the house cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Hydraulic Bridge Model With Hydraulic System

 The hydraulic bridge also known as “moving bridge” is a bridge that is used to allow seaside traffic through a body of water. In short, it can be moved to allow the passage for boats or ships. The bridge design incorporates an integrated hydraulic system into the bridge in order to carry more weight. Pascal’s law is the principle behind hydraulic bridge working. The hydraulic bridge uses petroleum-based hydraulic fluids for operations. Hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders are two important components used for powering the bridge with hydraulics.

Accident Prevention Road Safety Model With Speed Breaker Power Generator

It is estimated that more than 1.35 million people die worldwide as a result of road traffic crashes and almost 50 million are injured per annum In Narrow roads, Hilly areas, Ghats sections, negotiating hairpin bends and curves is not an easy task. Often modern cars have a collision avoidance system built into them known as Pre-Crash System, Forward Collision Warning System, or Collision Mitigation System in order to reduce the severity of a collision. But majority of vehicles on the road, especially heavy motor vehicles lack in such a system. In this model, the implementation of the Collision Avoidance System is aimed to reduce the risks of collisions at the hairpin bend on a Hilly track, Ghats, or other Zero visibility turns

Hydraulic Track

The track structure, which is made from steel and wooden panels, is permanent, and the hydraulic movement of the curves is regulated by a PLC system. Thanks to their fully retractable structure, in the rest position, these tracks can lie flush with the external flooring.