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Agriculture Lab

CSAS is known for the best- and well-established infrastructure for the development and motivation of UG and PG students, Research scholars, Teachers and future professionals. The laboratories are well equipped for teaching and learning of core and related courses.:

Soil Science Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with modern equipment for Soil and Water Testing and Analysis.

Horticulture Garden

The garden is well equipped with basic horticultural tools, sample of horticultural seeds and bonsai plants, fruit plants, mango orchard, etc.

Plant Pathology & Microbiology Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with fungal and bacterial raising cultures, autoclaves, BOD incubator and advance microscopes.


Entomology Laboratory

This laboratory is an interesting place for the collection and identification of insects for better management practices. It consists of modern entomological tools and a varied collection of insect specimens.

Genetics and Plant Breeding Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with the basic tools and instruments providing insight into molecular biology practices along with breeder’s tools for better understanding of breeding methodologies.

Dairy & Poultry Laboratory

This laboratory consists of models and charts displaying different breeds of cattle, poultry birds and other livestock animals. 

Crop Research Farm

The purpose and motive of practical learning field is to provide first-hand knowledge of various cultivation practices and an insight into the basics of crop production.

Crop Cafeteria

SOA has maintained a Crop Cafeteria within the campus and raised different crops and their varieties in Kharif and Rabi seasons. The Crop Cafeteria is useful to demonstrate the students about the method of field preparation, seed sowing, nursery practices, irrigation methods, manure and fertilizer application, pests and pathogens identification and their management for different crops and their varieties grown in Uttarakhand.

Greenhouse & Nursery

In greenhouse, crops can be protected from adverse environmental condition. Within the university campus greenhouse has set with the aim to provide opportunities to the agricultural students where they can learn methods of modern farming practices specially in controlled environment. It is also used in research purpose.


Mushroom Cultivation Unit

SOA has established a mushroom cultivation unit to demonstrate spawn production, preparation of compost bags, casing, cultivation of mushrooms, packaging and their marketing.

Navagrah Vatika    

Navgrah Vatika is the centre of attraction where nine different plants reprinting nine planets of the solar system i.e., Calotropis procera (Sun), Ficus religiosa (Jupitor), Achyranthus aspera (Mercury), Ficus racemose (Venus), Butea monosperma (Moon), Acacia catechu (Mars), Cynodon dactylon (Rahu), Prosopis cenneraria (Saturn) and Imperrata cylindrical (Ketu).  These plants believed important for prosperity, good health and wealth. Along with these plants, various other medicinal and aromatic plants are raised and maintained in the vatika.


SOA uses agricultural residue, leaf litters, plant debris, etc. generate in campus to produce manure in NADEP Pits. The manure prepared in these pits are used by students in their practical fields, research fields and Navgrah Vatika.

Vermicompost Unit

SOA has established a function unit to demonstrate and production of vermicompost. The products are used for organic farming and in Practical crop production fields.

 Forestry Laboratory

This laboratory consists of timber of various important trees and also a variety of herbarium stocks.

 Agronomy Laboratory

This laboratory consists of traditional and modern agricultural implements which are being used to raise field crops.

 Agro Meteorological Observatory

The study of climate and weather elements has a vital impact on agricultural production. Furnishing basic understanding of agro-meteorological principles, Agro Meteorological observatory furnishes the efficient study of climate with modern devices and equipment so that one can develop skills in prediction of weather.