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Academic Facilities

Academic Facilities

UETR provides a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities within the campus for its students. The development of avant-garde infrastructure and technical facilities has been a continuous process for us, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Designed to Lead, not to Follow.

With state-of-the-art facilities and upgraded infrastructure, UETR believes in providing the best possible experience to the students in every scenario. The technologically equipped classrooms and tutorial rooms facilitate teaching through advanced tools and techniques and are

The university’s libraries, built with knowledge and curiosity as foundational pillars, are well equipped with a vast number of books, journals, magazines and newspapers for students.

The laboratories provide practical exposure to various subjects and give an opportunity to the students to experiment with what they have learned in classrooms.

A Stellar View

The auditoriums at UETR are up-to-date with modern multimedia systems which can be used for presentations, seminars, fests and other academic events.

The university frequently organizes national & international level conferences and seminars on various themes and disciplines to promote industry interaction for its students.

Our Centre of Excellence, DIY Labs and Resource Centre provide students with a means to channel their creativity through experimentation and innovation.

A Time of Reckoning

Since it has been proved that the we truly live in the times of the ‘global village’ and now no part of the world is left unearthed, therefore in this era of globalization, a stabilized link plays an important role. Realizing the need for constant internet, UETR facilitates uninterrupted connectivity at the constant speed of 100+ mbps round the clock. An optical fiber back bone with structural cabling provides internet connectivity between and to all the computers with students, academic block, administration & faculty residences.

Along with that, the university is enriched with renovated hostels, medical support systems, a gymnasium, a vast parking facility (accessible to both students and faculty). The campus also provides an eco-friendly environment to its students by being a completely smoke-free zone and it has also taken active steps towards the usage of innovative and eco-friendly technologies such as the harvesting of solar power, rainwater harvesting, paper recycling and other green initiatives. Additionally, the university has taken extensive measures to address the need for vigilance and security. The campus is fully CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of the students and staff.