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Intel – Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding for Technical Collaboration

MoU for Technical Collaboration between The Intel And The University of Engineering and Technology Roorkee In Roorkee, India

1.Each institution may offer to the other opportunities for activities and programs, such as teaching, research, exchange of faculty and students, and staff development that will foster a collaborative relationship.

2. The institutions contemplate implementation of programs or activities such as:

a.joint educational, cultural, and research activities; of faculty members and students for research, lectures, and discussions;
c.participation in seminars and academic meetings; of academic materials, publications, and other information; and
e.special, short-term academic programs.

3.Curriculum review and consultation regarding newly developed curricula at UETR in the areas of computer science and engineering, and business studies, to offer recommendations and advice for improvement

4.Facilitation of guest lectures, delivered either remotely or in person, by UKY faculty for UETR faculty, staff and students

5.Participation by UKY experts in UETR programs and events, as invited by UETR

6.Joint supervision by UKY faculty of UETR students’ research projects and theses in areas of mutual interest

7.Hosting of UETR faculty as visiting scholars/researchers at UKY when collaborative research projects of mutual interest are identified